9 Feb, 2023, 11:29 PM

Support Your Strategy is a service that assists you and your management team to prepare for presenting the annual Strategic Plan to Board for approval.

It provides a Chief Executive and senior management an opportunity practice their presentation under the watchful eye of an experienced past Chief Executive, Chairman, and Director, who also has experience chairing Audit and Risk Committees.

The process is simple, but rigorous:

  1. On completion of your Company’s new Strategic Plan, a copy of the document will be provided to Peter Wilkinson, under a full Confidentiality Agreement. A meeting will be arranged for the management team to present the Plan to Peter in conditions like those employed for the formal Board presentation.
  2. Peter will read the report, and provide the CEO with early thoughts, as would most Chairmen during the formal process.
  3. We will use whatever presentation technique is favoured by the C.E.O, with time allocated to each executive who will ultimately present to the formal Board Meeting. Time of up to one day will be allocated, entirely dependent on the nature of the presentations.
  4. Peter will raise points of interest, concern and questions for understanding during each executive’s presentation.
  5. At the end of the day, Peter will meet privately with the C.E.O. to discuss preliminary thoughts.
  6. Peter will then provide the C.E.O. with a confidential report that deals with all items that will contribute to conducting a successful formal presentation. This will cover:
  • The presentation capability of the executives.
  • The effectiveness of the subject matter presented by each executive.
  • Any additional items that may improve the persuasiveness of the presentations.
  • Comment on the future state of the industry, competitive threats and risk mitigation.
  • Provide a view on the company’s capacity to deliver the outcomes promised in the Strategic Plan.
  1. Peter’s report will be produced before the Formal Board Meeting, and he will be available to meet with the C.E.O privately to discuss it.

Program costs start from $15,000, plus GST as well as all direct costs of travel and accommodation associated with the reading, attending presentation, preparing the C.E.O’s confidential report, and the final meeting with the CEO.  Peter can tailor his approach to your specific needs and budget.

Peter is also available to provide individual management mentoring or coaching deemed necessary by the Chief Executive.

Please complete the contact form on our site to express your interest or contact Guy at guy@redig.com.au directly.


About Peter Wilkinson.

  • Peter is a past managing Director of Target Australia, Myer Stores, The Just Group and David Jones.
  • He has chaired the Audit and Risk Committee at Vita Group and Forever new.
  • He has held roles as the President of the Australian Retailers Association and The Intercontinental Group Of Department Stores.
  • He has held directorships of Target, Myer, The Just Group, David Jones, Forever New, Vita Group, Coles Myer Limited, The Retail Financial Services Group. He has been on the global Advisory Board of Sonata Software.
  • He is currently Chairman of Forever New, and advisor to Reveal International, a company advisor, a public speaker through ICMI and acts as a management mentor.
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