These are our thoughts and we hope they clarify more than they confuse.

10 Dec, 2022, 9:47 AM

Digital marketing seems new but it’s been around a while now.  Sure the flavour of the month shifts and as it does, so do the slogans that are thrown towards businesses by those who offer to help make sense of it all. “Social is a conversation”, “content is king” and “you can buy likes, but not hearts” are just a small sample of  the catch cries of digital marketers over the years.  Many of these statements or claims do have substance and hold true still.  Some are well intentioned in an attempt to help “lay people” understand.  There will always be new ones added but inevitably, at any point in time or in total, I feel they do more to confuse than to clarify.

Having been in digital businesses since 1999 and having started my career as a marketer first who came to learn about digital, I know now that getting the most from digital relies on simple principles, most of them age old.  Here are my top 5 tips to get the most from your digital activities.

1. Start with your perfect customer


2. Know and amplify what makes your business special


3. Get your message in front of the right people


4. Understand how to get the best from each channel


5. Monitor, measure & analyse for continual improvement


Digital does well when the age old principles of marketing underpin everything you do.  A great agency will know this and have the technical expertise (which is in fact becoming more diverse and specialised every day) to take your plan and put it into effect.  If they confuse you, ask them how what they are talking about helps drive one of the 5 tips above and if they can’t answer in plain English, do you trust they are able to help your business?

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